Week 1: School Technology Solutions, Brad Flickinger

I think that this blog was really interesting. It talked about the student’s rights to use technology in the classroom.  I think that in theory this idea is really good but it could definitely have some negative side affects. Just because the student’s will have access to all of this Internet material does not mean that they will use it for the benefit of their own education. I believe that if we choose to fully give students this type of freedom then we must really monitor their usage of this privilege. I believe that separately they all have their own really great uses but when we put them all together this could be a technology goodie bag overload. When we do this then we should also prepare to have students off task at times.

I believe that this could be beneficial to the students,because it will give them the chance to get the most out of their educational experience. They will be able to have hands on access to the things that they do not understand in the classroom. It would help those students who are visual learners.


This could benefit me because it would definitely cut the time that I have to prepare at school. I would be able to make their learning come alive and use less paper in doing so. This could have a great deal of benefit to me but also could cause me a lot of stress. I would need to prepare myself for disciplinary actions and rules in case my students do not make the best choices when using the internet.


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