Week 1: Technology Bits Bytes Nibbles

I learned a lot on this blog. It was a lot of information to take in so I took what parts I thought were most important as I scrolled down. Hitting key words of those things that are truly valuable to me where I am. I learned about speak to write, it was really interesting to know that the rest of the world is using this. I hope that it is more efficient and effective then it was on my smartphone. It would always mix up what I wanted to say. I don’t think that it was that useful, by the time I got done telling the machine in that time I could have simply wrote it in myself. I also learned a little about a Socratic classroom. I thought that this was a great resource to be able to share around with other teachers. Especially to use the “edit quiz” and “exit tickets” which I thought were very cool and notice how they are used in my education.http://www.technologybitsbytesnibbles.info/ KSOL uses this system to do things which its nice to know where it came from.  Throughout this blog scavenger hunt I also learned a lot about Cyndi. I learned that you are a educational futurist. This was a term I did not know before today. I think that this is interesting to know, that someone is out in the world that actually cares about how things are learned by using technology. What I thought was most cool was the fact that you raised over $850,000 funds for donations to technology advancement. This is a huge amount of money and it definitely helps the schools out who reap the reward from your hard work. I think that this process would be something that I would be interested in understanding the process of. I plan on being able to write grants for the school that I get hired to in order to support their arts and history programs.

A blog like this could help me as a future teacher by giving my students practice with research. I could put information in it and ask the students to find specific things and write reports based off of what they seen on my blog. I think that this could be very important to their researching skills for the future. It can also help me by providing an online source in order to keep up with my teacher resources that I collected over the course of my teaching career.



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