Digital Footprints

When looking at my digital footprint i was really surprised about what i found. There were so many sources for a person to enter into my personal life. This is why it is important for teachers to make their students aware of what things are on the internet.

So i you found yourself with a “not so good” digital footprint or would like to increase the positivity on your current one here are a few tips that you can try in order to maintain a clean digital footprint.

Step 1: Search educational and other positive websites on the daily.

Step 2: Use google search or the positive website as your main browsing tool.

Step 3: Be aware of the things you tweet and put on Facebook

Step 4: Make sure that any pictures that exist of you on the internet are not compromising your dignity and integrity.

And these are just a few of mines, im sure you can come up with others. Be creative and realistic for your students.

When someone searches my digital footprint it is important to me that they find the wright things that really showcase me. The extracurricular activities that i am involved in and the positive things that i do around campus and my community.  The digital footprint is important to me as an educator because it really shows what type of person you are. it allows people into your personal life. Below are a few of my personal digital footprint shots ….enjoy!!!




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