Reflection Week 2: Moving at the Speed of Creativity

In today’s reflection i will be talking about the podcast coming from Westley Fryer at This podcast uses a great form of media in order to communicate effectively with teachers. he spoke about and had other teachers add their input on what resources work and which do not. I believe that this could be an awesome resource if teachers are looking for blogging on new materials. This is similar to product reviews for new technology. This site helps teachers get involved with cooperative learning via podcast. He definitely went in depth about the day and how he used the resources. A few resource that he speaks of is the show me app for ipad. This app helps teachers create their own narrative slideshow. This would definitely help those students who have attention deficit disorder.




Fry spoke in another blog about the  positive effects of using the Ipad quick edit videography. showing a video sponsored by orbit we saw the dynamic imaging one could produce from this app. This could make for a very fun, interactive and creative lesson about whatever you wanted to teach. I could definitely see it fitting into almost every subject. These were just a few things that Fry discussed from his Ipad Media Camp. This app takes regular images and forms them into 3D narrative presentations.



  1. Thanks so much for sharing the link in your sidebar to the Memphis Teaching Residency Program. Are you participating or did you participate in MTR? I shared a link to one of the videos on their site:

    • Hello,

      Thanks for checking the page out! it has lots more work to be done but im learning. I found out about the program through a camp that i work at during the summer its called KAA( kids across america) and I am not currently in the program but have been working hard to get grades up so that i might be able to go when i graduate. I thought it might be a great opportunity. there are a lot of benefits to it and it goes hand in hand with my education.

      I hope this helps

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