Digital Footprints

When looking at my digital footprint i was really surprised about what i found. There were so many sources for a person to enter into my personal life. This is why it is important for teachers to make their students aware of what things are on the internet.

So i you found yourself with a “not so good” digital footprint or would like to increase the positivity on your current one here are a few tips that you can try in order to maintain a clean digital footprint.

Step 1: Search educational and other positive websites on the daily.

Step 2: Use google search or the positive website as your main browsing tool.

Step 3: Be aware of the things you tweet and put on Facebook

Step 4: Make sure that any pictures that exist of you on the internet are not compromising your dignity and integrity.

And these are just a few of mines, im sure you can come up with others. Be creative and realistic for your students.

When someone searches my digital footprint it is important to me that they find the wright things that really showcase me. The extracurricular activities that i am involved in and the positive things that i do around campus and my community.  The digital footprint is important to me as an educator because it really shows what type of person you are. it allows people into your personal life. Below are a few of my personal digital footprint shots ….enjoy!!!




Should Schools be Required to teach digital citizenship?


Teachers should be responsible  for teaching students digital citizenship. This in my opinion is an issue that teachers should address because the students will be required to use computers on school grounds. We do not want them to get the idea that all computer access is good. Helping them understand computer safety is apart of school safety. It is important to help them understand that internet is infinite and that the things they write can be seen by the whole world. Nothing is truly private although we have a bunch of privacy settings to almost all websites. We are responsible for our children’s understanding of the world wide web. There are plenty of ways we can do this, we can show the kids their digital footprint, give them creative assignments to explore the web in a safe way. We can show them these things because the web is not a bad place but a great place for learning and exploration.

Infographic: History Lesson

Reflection Week 2: The Tech Chicks Tips

Let me first start y saying that i loved the website design they created for this blog. It made it really an eye full. It was creative and fun to navigate, encouraging its readers to seek the resources. OK so enough of me praising the page, the material was awesome as well. The blog was written by two young women who travel teaching tips and internet navigation strategies for others. The thing i appreciate about this page is that they provide you the resources with links. They don’t just tell you their opinion about the product or app but they allow their viewers to explore the web and its resources.if you wish to adventure over to their site to find out what goodies you can use feel free to click the link below

The Tech Chicks provide plenty of means of communication to contact them about their research and resources. They have a wiki page that they use frequently for contact they also provide links for resources on their resource page at

Reflection Week 2: Moving at the Speed of Creativity

In today’s reflection i will be talking about the podcast coming from Westley Fryer at This podcast uses a great form of media in order to communicate effectively with teachers. he spoke about and had other teachers add their input on what resources work and which do not. I believe that this could be an awesome resource if teachers are looking for blogging on new materials. This is similar to product reviews for new technology. This site helps teachers get involved with cooperative learning via podcast. He definitely went in depth about the day and how he used the resources. A few resource that he speaks of is the show me app for ipad. This app helps teachers create their own narrative slideshow. This would definitely help those students who have attention deficit disorder.




Fry spoke in another blog about the  positive effects of using the Ipad quick edit videography. showing a video sponsored by orbit we saw the dynamic imaging one could produce from this app. This could make for a very fun, interactive and creative lesson about whatever you wanted to teach. I could definitely see it fitting into almost every subject. These were just a few things that Fry discussed from his Ipad Media Camp. This app takes regular images and forms them into 3D narrative presentations.

Fun With Text

I really enjoyed Using Wordle. This site allows teachers the opportunity to be creative with words. From horizontal to vertical word placing, there is so much fun to be had with word designs. I really appreciated the           layout and picture tools. This allowed me to to make the wordle design personal. This can be used as a great tool inside the classroom. Through this site you are also able to add multiple words to create an actual image. This could be used as  a fun gift idea. By multiplying the words the site increased the font size, this helps the image capture he most important words in the picture.  Wordle was a great experience and is a great resource to use in your classrooms. Below is the link please follow the link and try it out for yourself!!!!

Week 1: School Technology Solutions, Brad Flickinger

I think that this blog was really interesting. It talked about the student’s rights to use technology in the classroom.  I think that in theory this idea is really good but it could definitely have some negative side affects. Just because the student’s will have access to all of this Internet material does not mean that they will use it for the benefit of their own education. I believe that if we choose to fully give students this type of freedom then we must really monitor their usage of this privilege. I believe that separately they all have their own really great uses but when we put them all together this could be a technology goodie bag overload. When we do this then we should also prepare to have students off task at times.

I believe that this could be beneficial to the students,because it will give them the chance to get the most out of their educational experience. They will be able to have hands on access to the things that they do not understand in the classroom. It would help those students who are visual learners.

This could benefit me because it would definitely cut the time that I have to prepare at school. I would be able to make their learning come alive and use less paper in doing so. This could have a great deal of benefit to me but also could cause me a lot of stress. I would need to prepare myself for disciplinary actions and rules in case my students do not make the best choices when using the internet.

Week 1: Technology Bits Bytes Nibbles

I learned a lot on this blog. It was a lot of information to take in so I took what parts I thought were most important as I scrolled down. Hitting key words of those things that are truly valuable to me where I am. I learned about speak to write, it was really interesting to know that the rest of the world is using this. I hope that it is more efficient and effective then it was on my smartphone. It would always mix up what I wanted to say. I don’t think that it was that useful, by the time I got done telling the machine in that time I could have simply wrote it in myself. I also learned a little about a Socratic classroom. I thought that this was a great resource to be able to share around with other teachers. Especially to use the “edit quiz” and “exit tickets” which I thought were very cool and notice how they are used in my education. KSOL uses this system to do things which its nice to know where it came from.  Throughout this blog scavenger hunt I also learned a lot about Cyndi. I learned that you are a educational futurist. This was a term I did not know before today. I think that this is interesting to know, that someone is out in the world that actually cares about how things are learned by using technology. What I thought was most cool was the fact that you raised over $850,000 funds for donations to technology advancement. This is a huge amount of money and it definitely helps the schools out who reap the reward from your hard work. I think that this process would be something that I would be interested in understanding the process of. I plan on being able to write grants for the school that I get hired to in order to support their arts and history programs.

A blog like this could help me as a future teacher by giving my students practice with research. I could put information in it and ask the students to find specific things and write reports based off of what they seen on my blog. I think that this could be very important to their researching skills for the future. It can also help me by providing an online source in order to keep up with my teacher resources that I collected over the course of my teaching career.

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